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In little under two years, blue-eyed soul duo HONNE have become the band to fall in love with. A term with no Western equivalent, the origins of HONNE lie in the Japanese word meaning ‘True Feelings’. It was this fascination with Japan that offered the pair an early porthole into how to transmit their most personal moments into music.


With over 20 million Spotify streams, several Hype Machine number 1s and sell-out worldwide tours, HONNE are writing songs which feel both quintessentially of the moment yet charmingly gentleman-like in their worldview. Their debut album captures, they say, “the good days and bad of relationships in 2016” - a time where we’re told to settle for nothing less than a soulmate and yet risk treating dating like any other online experience, browsing endlessly, swiping left or right, and weighing up any of the overwhelming number of choices all around us. “We were terrible at being single,” the band say now. “It’s always been about the search for something more meaningful.”


In their very British, buttoned-up appearance, HONNE don’t strike you as the type to open up about anything this intimate, which is precisely the point – ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ is an album where expressing feelings may not come naturally, but one which nonetheless strives for real love in the digital age.

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Moonbeats Asia Presents HONNE at Millian Singapore
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Friday 2 June 2017 8pm (SOLD OUT)

Saturday 3 June 2017 8pm (SOLD OUT)

Esplanade Annexe Studio

Admission: Early Bird $50 (N/A), Standard $60 (N/A), Doors $80 (N/A)
Please note that we will not be selling any tickets at doors!


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