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Moonbeats Warehouse Party Line-up | 16 April 2016 | DuriO


They say lyrics are the soul of a song, and it is the misheard lyrics of “Do it Again” by Chemical Brothers that sounded like “Durian” sparked off the music magic, hence the name DJ DuriO. Her curiosity on DJing set her off learning at an earlier stage, becoming a form of passion but a twist of events made her stop, focusing on her day job instead. Yet the music never really left her, as she was constantly finding her true self, until the golden opportunity of the FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp in 2012 came along. A blessing in a form of being mentored by prominent local DJs, exposure to countless music genres, the culture and the understanding of music knowledge, the constant learning and exploring in music is what she sees herself doing, as the stairway to being a DJ. Through the FFF bootcamp, DuriO met like-minded soul and formed ATTAGIRL! with two other FFF alumnus, Jaydah and A/K/A.


DuriO spins wicked beats and kickass selections from Bass, UK garage, Grime to Jungle that make bangers or crowds insane. However, she believes in not restricting herself to a particular genre and is ever evolving in her music game as she progresses. Also as 1/3 of ATTAGIRL! an all-girl collective aimed at bringing girls together in art & music, DuriO as an individual or with her partners-in-crime had spin the night away at various venue around Singapore like Blujaz, Winebar at Zouk, Canvas, Tanjong Beach Club, Kyo, Zoukout 2015 as well places in Malaysia and NYC just to name a few.




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